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Japanese women say no, they don’t masturbate, but we know that’s not true. Many of them even have sex with sex toys, i.e. they penetrate their pussies, and some of them stick it up their tight little butts, a big sex toy that satisfies them. We know this because in the Japanese sex videos we have in nahodkanews.ru, these oriental girls do not stop moaning with every penetration they get from these little porn toys. It is no accident that some of them have become very attached to their most precious sexual artifacts.

That’s why we find it hard to believe this lie if when they are alone they have a lot of fun with their dildos or any kind of device they like. And some even strive to do so to have fun with huge toys shaped like giant cocks. They try to pretend they don’t miss a cock, but with a rubber one they even put it in their mouths to fantasize about it. You’d have to be a real whore to be so desperate for a big dildo, that you’d have to stick it in any of its 3 holes (mouth, ass and pussy).

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But they don’t just stick vibrators or dildos in their pussies, some of them take advantage of their more perverse side and try to penetrate those big sex toys into their tight anuses, without worrying that they might burst their hole. Not bad, but sometimes it’s amazing how they can get a huge device with batteries through that tight anus. It’s not normal, but it’s also not unusual the way they moan when they really feel what it’s like to have something big inside. For Japanese women are known to be very sensitive in their holes!

It’s always like this when we talk about women in Japan who are hot with wild masturbation sessions, now we’re talking about the more moderate girls who can take advantage of their vibrator to stimulate their clitoris while enjoying the explosive orgasms it causes. There is no woman who does not like these devices and although they do not completely replace a man, some do a very good job. So it is not surprising that some Asian women prefer to go home alone, after a night of drinking, than with any boy, because they certainly have more fun with their toys.

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But there’s a kind of device that catches our eye. They’re like rubber dicks that are attached to a sex machine, which simulates a man’s movement and it’s as if he penetrates them in the same way. They can be adjusted to different speeds and find the perfect rhythm that drives them crazy with pleasure. These girls, after taking their clothes off, only have to get on all fours or spread their legs and let the sex machine do all the work, this is much better than having a man who is always complaining.

But there’s another solution if they don’t want to be with a man and prefer to have sex with naked girls with cock harnesses. These have a rubber cock in front of them so that any woman can use it to fuck another woman, it’s like being with a man, but without all the problems that entails. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with them, just that one woman always knows how best to satisfy another woman, and even men love to see that.